Top 30 Most Beautiful Women Around The World


In this post, you’ll find our list of women from all around the world who are known internationally for their stunning beauty — and many other disarming qualities.

Each one of these ladies is gorgeous, talented, and fascinating in her own special way.

From the world’s highest paid actress to the little known Middle Eastern gem, below are the top 30 world’s most beautiful and interesting women. Let’s dive right in!

30. Jessica Alba

Could there be a “most beautiful women” list that would not feature Jessica Alba? Jessica is now 37 years old and a mother of three, but her angel face didn’t seem to receive the memo. She’s every bit as gorgeous as she was at the age of 19 when she only started to gain recognition as an actress. These days, she’s making a pause in her acting career to dedicate herself fully to the success of “The Honest Company”, her consumer goods firm selling natural household products. She’s a woman of many talents — not just a pretty facade!