Mind-Blowing Celebrity Lookalikes That Make Us Think We’re Seeing Double


It’s quite common for celebrities to have doppelgangers, such as stunt doubles who are hired for their acrobatic skills and also their likeness to a certain star. But what happens when the resemblance is uncanny and seemingly accidental? While sometimes celebrities have a twin amongst us common folk, other times it’s another famous person! It must make for a few amusing moments, to be asked for someone else’s autograph, right?

Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer

You’d think that Witcher star Henry Cavill is God’s unique creation – well, think again! His chiseled face, sharp blue eyes, and even the small dimple on his chin seem to be mirrored in Matt Bomer, who is a Golden Globe Award-winning actor. We are wondering if there’s any chance for them to star in the same movie – it would be a sight to see, for sure!