Horrible And Hilarious Celebrity Tattoos – What Were They Thinking?


Tattoos are very personal and quite permanent. While it seems like a fun idea to get inked on a wild Saturday night, it would be ideal to think it through carefully first! You might think that our favorite celebs have access to the best tattoo artists money can buy – but that doesn’t stop them from getting, quirky, strange, or downright bad designs, forever memorized on their bodies. Thank God for laser removal and cover-up tattoos!

Jackson Rathbone

Have you ever loved a food item so much that you wanted it to adorn your body forever? Well, Twilight‘s Jasper, Jackson Rathbone did. But it’s not a cupcake or a slice of pizza or anything – it’s a huge, life-size bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup on his calf. At least he doesn’t seem like he regrets it, the actor is just simply in love with ketchup.

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