Couple Goals – Incredible Weight Loss Achieved Hand In Hand!


Struggling with our weight seems like a familiar topic for most of us. Whether it’s the quarantine that made us put on a few pounds, less than ideal lifestyle choices that we made, or medical issues, there’s always a way out!

Ethan Spiezer, pictured below, weighed a staggering 400 pounds when he realized that his health was in grave danger. With incredible willpower, he turned his life around!

Illinois-born Ethan had issues with his weight all throughout his life. He was admittedly an emotional eater, comforting himself by eating his favorite meals. He decided to put an end to his unhealthy way of life when he realized how detrimental his diet was to his health.

It took him two years to lose an incredible 200 lbs and he managed to drop down 6 dress sizes. This changed him both inside and out and inspired his wife to follow in his footsteps as well. Rebecca lost 100lbs and feels better than ever!

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