The Most Tragic Celebrity Deaths That Left Us Reeling With Disbelief


Paul Walker – Traffic Collision

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The leading man of the Fast and Furious franchise, Paul Walker was mourned by fans all over the world. The actor died in a car accident alongside his friend Roger Rodas at the age of 40, on November 30, 2013. This tragic event happened during the filming of Furious 7, the seventh sequel to the action series, and the story arc of Walker’s character was retired.

The actor was a major car enthusiast and had an extensive collection of around 30 cars, some of which he shared ownership with his late friend Roger. They were driving a Porsche Carrera GT during that fateful day and the cause of the accident is thought to be the unsafe speed and the aged tires of the car. However, controversies were surrounding the event, as Walker’s daughter, Meadow aimed to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the car’s manufacturer.