The Most Tragic Celebrity Deaths That Left Us Reeling With Disbelief


Losing someone might be one of the hardest things we have to go through in life. When a loved one passes away, the resulting sense of loss and grief can seem unbearable and only time has a chance of healing our wounds. It’s something we can’t really prepare for, the only thing we can do is try and accept these things as facts.

But what’s the case when a beloved movie star, or a singer we adored since childhood dies? It can come as a shock, certainly. After all, we tend to believe celebrities are invincible – when we see them on the screen, they look healthy and perfect all the time.

This list features stars who have passed away and were loved by many of us. Some were victims of accidents, others had serious medical conditions and a few of them sadly took their own lives. Perhaps the sorrow of their passing is eased by the legacy they left behind, as we can watch their movies or listen to their songs whenever we want to remember them!

Robin Williams – Asphyxia

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One of the funniest and most talented actors of all time, Robin Williams has sadly passed away on August 11th, 2014. The immensely successful actor starred in countless hit movies, such as Good Morning, Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, and his last work, The Night At The Museum trilogy. He married three times during his life and has three children – Zachary, Zelda, and Cody.

His death, which was ruled as a suicide, shook his fans to the core. The seemingly happy actor with a balanced family background was undoubtedly suffering from mental health issues and decided to take his own life. He had problems with substance abuse in the past, but the cause that drove him to hang himself in his California home was the fact that he was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and he was also on antidepressants. We can only hope that his death raises more awareness of the importance of mental health so that we don’t have to lose another stellar actor in such a tragic way.