They Have Aged and Changed a Lot! See How They Looked Then and Now


Lil ‘Kim, 44 – Plastic Surgery

Award-winning rapper Kimberly Denise Jones, known to the world as Lil ‘Kim, has a CV chock full of important skills: not only is she a rapper, but a singer, songwriter, actress and model as well. It was the Junior MAFIA group that launcher her career, through which she became a star of the rap and hip-hop scene. Some of her top known songs are Crush on You, Mine, Not Tonight and her part in Lady Marmalade, the theme song for the film Moulin Rouge. Between 2002 and 2003 Lil ‘Kim was, unfortunately, a victim of physical abuse. She was punched in the face, and so decided to have multiple nose jobs. Sadly, the end result is that her face has changed, becoming somewhat asymmetrical. Although we can’t say that she looks completely different, many prefer her once “natural” face.