Versatile and Practical: 20 Ways to Use Baking Soda


Sodium bicarbonate is highly popular in kitchens worldwide because it has more uses than you can even think of. You can use it for a number of chores but it also comes with a lot of health benefits. If you would like to know what these benefits are you should read through the article below. Here are 20 ways of using baking soda inside your household.

1. As a vegetable and fruit disinfectant

The fruits and vegetables we buy contain germs because they are always being touched which is why they need to be properly washed before consumption. Baking soda comes in handy when it comes to this because it acts as a disinfectant. Take a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and mix it with some water. Dip the fruits or vegetables inside and with the use of a sponge, wash the food.