10 Gorgeous Celebs Who Convince Us That 50 is the new 30!


Age is just a number – this is a phrase we all know and sometimes loathe, as nothing seems harder than keeping up with the years passing us by. Sure, if you have all the money in the world it might be easier to stay slim and beautiful, but these inspiring women will let you in on their secrets that involve good workouts, healthy diet plans, and disciplined skincare routines. Come see this list of ladies above 50 who look better than ever!

Jennifer Lopez

Pop diva and actress Jennifer Lopez looks spectacular at the age of 50. She’s a workaholic and never skips a workout, it’s no wonder that she’s is proud to show off her toned figure and flawless skin. Her secret seems to be her disciplined diet and workout routine, as well as drinking plenty of water while skipping alcohol and caffeine. She stated that she actually feels better and looks better than she used to in her twenties!